Resource Centres

1. Science & Mathematics Resource Centre (SMRC)

Learning by doing is the main Principle of teaching. Therefore practical work, activities, observation and experimentation are essential component of science and mathematics teaching. In order to develop the skill of observation, experimentation and inferring among prospective teachers, they ought to be prepared in such a way that they themselves get trained in these skills and are able to direct their teaching towards development of these skills in themselves and in their students. In order to design effective teaching learning strategies, they need a place where they can find material equipment and other teaching aids to be used during teaching practice programme.

Keeping in view, a teaching learning resource centre for Science and Mathematics has been established having multiple sets of Science apparatus required to perform the experiments prescribed in the syllabus for secondary classes. Chemicals and Biological specimen are also available.

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2. Art & Craft Resource Centre (ACRC)

Art and craft are compulsory component of the curriculum of elementary and secondary teacher education programme. Craft must be taught as creative and aesthetic activity. It could be integrated into the study of History, social and environment studies, Geography and Economics. The art visual and performming, need to become an important component of learning in the curriculum. Children must develop skills and abilities in these areas. To provide opportunities and training to student teacher for acquiring and enhancing necessary skills in different areas of Art and Crafts, a fully furnished Teaching Learning Resource Center for Art and Craft has been established at BMCE.

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3. Psychology Resource Centre (PRC)

The teacher should be well aware of the expectations, perceptions, disposition etc of the students. Teachers with such technical know-how and confidence will be able to use the knowledge of their field to form new knowledge and understand various theories with respect to students context. Hence, teachers education needs to focus to practical work which will enable students teachers to better understand real life application of the concepts. In order to meet these requirements, the BMCE has established a PRC equipped with various verbal and non-verbal Psychology tests, apparatus and equipments

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4. Information & Communication Technology Resource Centre (ICTRC)

Various forms of Technology that are used to transmit, store, create, display, share and exchange of information by electronic means is referred to as Information & Communication Technology (ICT). It includes technologies like, Radio, TV, Video, DVD, MP3, MP4, Telephone, Mobile, Computer Network, Hardware & Software, E-mail etc. BMCE has established a well equipped ICT centre with modern facilities.

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5. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre (HPERC)

Health and Physical education has been considered as an essential part of human life. Physical exercise and Yoga have been emphasized in India to keep fit and to prevent and cure physical ailments.

Realizing the importance of the study of health and physical education, it has been recognized as a compulsory area of curriculum at all stage of school education. It is also an integrated part of the curriculum of all the teacher education programmes. To provide opportunities to the students teachers to participate in a variety of physical education activities, a well equipped health and physical education resource centre has been established in the college.

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6. Language Laboratory

The advancement of technological culture in the western world has put strains on the development of language skills. A language laboratory ensures that if any specific skill in language is required and proper materials are supplied, the required skill can be achieved. It provides opportunity to the students to hear the language spoken by a native and to practice seeking the language themselves. Learners perform language experiments in a special lab with a room where students may practice speaking and listening with the help of round equipment. Keeping in view, the need of the present time and to make the students well proficient in the languages, the institution has established a well-equipped language laboratory.

Language Lab Photo 1